Sticky Contact Paper Christmas Tree

It’s a bit hard to believe that Christmas is almost upon us for another year! We finally put up our Christmas tree on Sunday, and after spending most of Sunday afternoon trying to distract Samuel from the shiny baubles, I wondered if we were crazy for actually decorating a tree with a 16 month old running around! So I re-invented an activity I did for Paige last year – a contact paper tree – with the hope that Samuel will find it WAY more fun than our actual tree. #fingerscrossed!

So last year, in an attempt to divert Paige’s attention from our tree, I made a contact paper tree that she could decorate and re-decorate as much as her little heart desired. On the non-sticky side, I drew a tree shape and then Paige and I painted it green. Then I stuck it to our glass sliding door and left some tinsel and ‘baubles’ to decorate (I used scrapbooking card so they wouldn’t tear). We actually ended up having it stuck to our sliding door for months after Christmas (it was one of those things that just ended up becoming part of the furniture haha) and when I finally took it off the glass, it had been up there so long that part of the paint stuck to the window. Oops. (Also, please excuse the terrible quality photos, but they are the only ones I have!)

This year, I made something almost exactly the same, but instead of painting the back, I just glued green triangles to make the shape of the tree onto the non-sticky side of the contact. Then I stuck it to the wall sticky side out, and again left similar card ‘baubles’ and tinsel, plus this year I added a star to put on top of the tree (I figured Paige would enjoy that as it was her job to put the star on top our actual tree this year).

Samuel enjoyed exploring the stickiness of the contact paper for a while, and then had a go at decorating the tree. He watched me put a few baubles and some tinsel on, then spent approximately 14 seconds sticking a bauble and handful of tinsel on before he walked away. Today, he happily spent a few minutes with me sticking on the tinsel again, however he’s more interested in taking the baubles off than sticking them on at the moment.

Paige however, loved decorating the tree! She used everything in the basket and excitedly told me exactly where the star had to go – right at the top! I left the tree decorated yesterday afternoon while they played, but after they went to bed I pulled everything off and put it back in the basket, ready for the tree to be decorated again when they woke up.

To keep it interesting, I’ve also got pom poms and buttons that I can add to the basket for decorations – I have a feeling Samuel might prefer pom poms over the paper baubles. I’ll keep you posted over on our Instagram!


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