Shaving Cream Sensory Christmas Tree

Don’t you just LOVE when your craziest ideas turn out even more amazing than what you had planned??! I’d been wanting to do a shaving cream sensory activity with the kids over the weekend –originally I had planned to draw a shaving cream Christmas tree on our Tuff Tray and then use pom poms to decorate it. But then this afternoon I was in our bedroom and my eyes landed on this huge vase that I had forgotten about and I had a brainwave – a 3D Sensory Christmas Tree! Eeeep!

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So first I had to make the vase actually look like the shape of a Christmas tree. I made the tip of the tree by shaping some alfoil into a cone, filled the vase with scrunched up newspaper for the alfoil to sit on and then stuck it all down so that it was nice and sturdy. Once that was done, Paige and I had to wait ever so patiently for Samuel to wake up from his nap so we could get started!

I knew this was going to get messy, so I set up our Tuff Tray outside with our vase-tree, a big bowl of green shaving cream (shaving cream and a few drops of food colouring) and our decorations – sparkly pom poms and these coloured counters.

Our first job was to paint the tree green – with our hands! It was such messy fun and even Samuel got his hands dirty, which surprised me because he was still half asleep. But he loved it just as much as Paige and myself, and of course after he finished painting the tree he had a go at painting his legs. #alwaystheway

Once the tree was completely green we got to decorate it, although I think Paige would have spent all afternoon spreading that shaving cream over the tree. I showed Samuel how to stick the decorations on the tree but as per usual, he was happiest as he took them all off. Paige spent about fifteen minutes carefully placing each and every decoration onto the tree. I thought it looked absolutely stunning – WAYYY better than I imagined!

Carefully putting the star on the top

After we admired our gorgeous artwork, we hosed everything (and everyone!) down with water. Samuel was keen to keep playing with the water, so we filled up the Tuff Tray and splashed around with the pom poms and counters. It was such a fun afternoon spending wonderful quality time together – something I’m looking forward to doing a lot more in the school holidays after working full time for the last few weeks!

What’s your favourite way to play with shaving cream?

Lycie xx

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