Rainbow Discovery Bottles

Okay, so it’s time for a confession.

I’m obsessed with discovery bottles. And when I say obsessed, I mean properly obsessed.

It all started about three years ago when I came across these gorgeous discovery bottles over at Fun at Home with Kids. So I started making them for Paige. Back then, I just could not find the beautiful plastic Voss bottles that everyone in the US seemed to be using (at one point, I was so desperate to get my hands on some that I tried to convince my sister to bring some empty ones back for me when she went to America. She claims she forgot, but I just think she must’ve thought I was crazy) so I just used the cheapest ones I could find at the supermarket. Fast forward two years and Woolworths finally started stocking plastic Voss bottles! Yay!! So I made about six new ones for Paige which she still enjoys using now. Then when Samuel started becoming interested in them, they were perfect for rolling along the floor to encourage moving. But I couldn’t help thinking that they just seemed a bit too big and too heavy for him.

Then I came across these plastic bottles in Kmart and I knew they were perfect for tiny hands.

I bought three to begin with, then went back the next day for another six (that was seven months ago) and I haven’t been able to stop buying them since – at last count we have eighteen. Eighteen! And that’s not including the Voss bottles and the ones I made for Paige when she was a baby. #discoverybottlehoarder

But I wanted to share my latest collection, a set of SUPER simple rainbow discovery bottles.

All I did was put a different amount of water in each bottle and then added some food colouring. Easy.  (I should add that I am going to seal the lids with plumbers tape and then super glue the lids on as some of the water leaked when we first started playing with them.)

Originally I was just going to fill each bottle to the top, but decided that having a different amount of water in each would add another sensory element by being different weights.

I also found the purple bottle was a bit tricky to get the right mix of blue and red (I even added a bit of pink), and in the photos it looks really dark but it looks a lot better in real life!

Samuel has enjoyed exploring the bottles, shaking them around and rolling them along the floor. Paige has also loved having a new toy to explore and her favourite thing to do with them is attempt to build towers with them, but she’s realised that the Voss bottles make much better towers! And they’re perfect as a beginning exploration for colour mixing too.

For some more discovery bottle inspiration you can head over to my Instagram page to see what I used in our original baby-sized bottles here, or you can see how we used these bottles in some baby sensory play here.

What do you love to use in your discovery bottles?

Lycie xx

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