Sitting Practice for Babies

Samuel has been a super active baby from the start. I remember watching his arms and legs going a hundred miles an hour when he was only a month or so old and thinking he would be on the move much earlier than Paige. And so far, he hasn’t let me down! For the last couple of months, he has been commando-ing around the house, getting his hands onto ANYTHING he can! Although he isn’t crawling up on his hands and knees, he certainly gets where he wants to go and fast!

It wasn’t until our trip to Queensland when he really started moving, that Nick and I both realised that at seven months old, he was able to army crawl but still wasn’t able to sit independently. Although we had encouraged him to sit up, Samuel knew that if he lay back, he was able to roll over and get to where he wanted to go by crawling. Sitting was boring – he couldn’t go anywhere! And although it didn’t bother us – we both know that babies reach developmental milestones in their own time, I did start thinking about how I could make sitting more fun for Samuel.

So I stuck some contact paper (sticky side out) onto the wall, and then stuck these lightweight foam blocks to the wall for Samuel to grab and pull off. The colours grabbed his attention straight away, and he reached for the blocks as soon as I sat him in front of them. Because he was still so wobbly and sitting was still very tiring for him, he only lasted about a minute before he wanted to lay down. The bottom blocks were low enough for him to grab on his tummy, so he was able to revisit the activity independently throughout the day.

Even Paige was really intrigued and played alongside Samuel – at least for a while anyway! She stuck the blocks back on the contact for Samuel to pull off, but then decided it was her activity and wouldn’t let Samuel touch anything while she made her own picture #siblinglove

After a couple of weeks, as Samuel became more stable and was able to sit for longer, I popped some contact paper up again and gave him another try (this time I used painter’s tape to border the contact paper and make it more obvious to Samuel where the sticky paper was). At first, he was more interested in the basket next to him, but after a while had a go at grabbing the blocks.

As he was so much more stable, I was even able to encourage him to reach for the higher blocks. They were a bit of a challenge at first – he got the wobbles the first few times – but still managed to get them off the wall!

Samuel also found the actual contact paper quite intriguing after he accidentally got his hand stuck reaching for a block, but wasn’t too sure about voluntarily feeling it with more than one finger!

I find it truly amazing to see the difference just two weeks made in Samuel’s development – watching how he went from being so wobbly and needing constant supervision for when he tipped over, to mastering the skill of sitting up independently! Crazy!

What activities have you done with your little one while they are learning to sit independently?

Lycie xx


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2 Thoughts to “Sitting Practice for Babies”

  1. Kylie

    Where did you get the foam blocks from? Love them!

    1. Lycie

      They’re just from Toys R Us 😊

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