Foam Sticker Colour Sort

On our drive up to Queensland, one of the activities that Paige spent the most time doing was making pictures with these foam stickers.


I think what made them so time consuming was that they each had a backing that needed to be peeled away, so she spent at least 45 minutes entertained, which let’s face it, in toddler time is pretty much FOR. EVER.

So the other day she found another packet and decided to create some beautiful sticker artwork on the kitchen bench while I put Samuel down for his sleep. Not ideal. BUT since she was so keen to use them, I seized the opportunity for some quiet time with a simple colour sorting activity.

I grabbed some coloured paper, stuck it all together (I had to improvise with the pink as I didn’t have any pink paper, but Paige knew what to do!) then gave her a bowl with the stickers and an empty bowl for the paper backing. All set up in only a few minutes.

Paige spent about half an hour on this, but then continued to revisit the activity throughout the week. I think she really enjoyed the challenge of peeling the backing off, especially as the little shells and the waves were quite tricky for her! #finemotor anyone??


So far, foam stickers have seemed a real winner, so I will definitely be keeping a stack of them on hand to bring out on a rainy day!

How have you used these stickers with your toddlers?

Lycie xx

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