Fine Motor Pom Pom Sort

As most of you that follow The Paige Diaries on Instagram would know, we very recently headed up to the Gold Coast for a couple of weeks (we got back this time last week, and I’m not going to lie, I could have stayed forever!). Before we left, I was in need of something – anything! – that would entertain Paige for long enough to get a head start on packing, because as anyone with kids would know, packing for a family holiday is HARD work!!

Cue the pom poms!

Paige is really into playing with pom poms at the moment – she uses them to ‘cook’ with in her kitchen and makes food for her dolls. We also use them a lot in sensory boxes because they are so versatile and super easy to pack away (see how we use them in sensory boxes here). She has also shown a real interest in sorting and will take any opportunity to sort whenever she can. So I came up with a simple activity to incorporate both of her favourites and even threw in a little fine motor practice too!

I just popped a coloured circle in each section of the muffin tray, then gave Paige a bowl of pom poms and a pair of tongs. Paige knew exactly what to do without any prompting (like I said, we’ve been doing LOTS of sorting activities recently!) but if this is a new concept for your little one, you could demonstrate what to do, or just let them explore independently!

Paige happily sorted – mostly the pink ones! – for well over fifteen minutes (which let’s face it, in toddler time is equivalent to about three hours!), then once she was happy with the different pom poms in her tray, she decided they were cakes and were ready to cook, so put the tray in the oven (under the table) until they were ready to eat.

Then she took everything outside to her cubby, and continued ‘cooking’ in there for another solid half an hour! Which meant that I had a good forty five minutes of packing in peace! A win for everyone!!

Lycie xx

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