Welcome to The Paige Diaries!

Hi! Welcome to The Paige Diaries! I’m Lycie (like Lisa but with an ‘ee’ on the end) and I’m mum to two gorgeous children, Paige and Samuel, and wife to my amazing husband Nick. I am also an Early Childhood teacher, with a passion for Visual Arts, and have been teaching since 2010.

As an EC teacher, I have always had a love for open-ended, play-based learning and that often influenced the activities and experiences I offered Paige. While I was on maternity leave, I discovered Pinterest in a big way and came across some amazing blogs that inspired a lot of learning experiences and art activities, including inspiration for countless artworks that Paige did, starting at just five months old!


When Samuel came along and I settled into being a mum of two, I made a conscious effort to find new and exciting things for Paige and I to do together, so she didn’t spend the days glued to the TV. I stumbled across a wonderful Instagram community of so many other parents and teachers sharing ideas for play and found plenty of new activities for us to try. It wasn’t long before I decided to create The Paige Diaries as a way of sharing our own play ideas with the hopes of inspiring others.

My aim is to inspire others by sharing simple and engaging play ideas for babies and toddlers.

For more inspiration and ideas, you can find my Instagram page here, and my Pinterest page here.

Thanks for visiting!

Lycie xx